Sky-Farmer provides an affordable software platform and a mountable hardware device that allows farmers to survey and gather data about their crops.



Sky Farmer manufactures a hardware data collection device called the Tellus Air Module or TAM. Named after the Roman goddess of crops, the Tellus Air Module can be attached to any number of aerial platforms (like drones, airplanes, and weather balloons) and, in conjunction with our software, allows farmers to survey and remotely gather real-time data about their crops.

Our Core

The core of Sky Farmer is in the data it provides about a particular piece of land. Whether helping a crop grower identify areas that need additional hydration, diagnosing potential disease-risk areas, or simply providing high quality aerial photographs, Sky Farmer allows a farmer to gather exceptional amounts of data and make timely adjustments to his crop.

Accessing this information through Sky Farmer’s user-friendly proprietary software, the farmer will ultimately be able to reduce his or her cost while producing higher yields.

Accessible Solution

Sky Farmer offers an accessible solution for precision agriculture by providing a flexible device for farmers to identify deficiencies in their fields. Designed to attach to any airborne delivery device, including a drone, the farmer can then determine the device upon which to attach the TAM. The farmer can then determine the frequency and duration of flights and wirelessly access the data which provides a comprehensive survey of the farm.

Economical Solution

Sky Farmer's driving principle is to allow farmers to gather information about their crops in a simple and economical manner. The ability to precisely identify problem areas in crops will save them time and money and produce a higher yield. For example, if a farmer is able to pinpoint a diseased patch in a soy bean field, he or she can direct the appropriate fertilizer at a precise location rather than spray an entire field.